Beauty and the Beast Party Decor

Crafting and party planning are two of my favorite things, so when my daughter said she wanted a Beauty and the Beast theme for her 4th birthday I couldn’t be more excited!

Mrs. Potts and Chip

mrs potts

Project Cost: $5

My first project was to make Mrs. Potts and Chip. I started by hitting up my local Goodwill Outlet in search of a tea-pot and cup. After digging for a good half an hour, I found this topless tea pot and tea-cup. Though they aren’t exactly the same shape, they were close enough and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find a partial set already with some beautiful gold accents. You might be thinking “Why would you buy a tea pot with no lid? That looks nothing like Mrs. Potts”, and you’d be right; however, my handy-dandy 3d printer can take care of that no problem.

I created a file and printed Mrs. Potts’ iconic lid.

painted 3d top

I decided to keep all original gold and taped it off with painters tape. I then used a white gloss spray paint to paint both pieces. NOTE- this set is for decoration only, you should not intend to drink out of anything that has been painted!

mrs potts tape

After the paint had dried, I used a pearl acrylic to give a shiny appearance.


painted white

After they dried, I simply eyeballed the pink, purple and blue base of the tea-pot and tea-cup. I used a liquid gold leaf paint to add a few more gold accents like the top of Chip and Mrs. Potts lid.

I had considered painting a black spot for Chip’s chip, but I just loved the set as is and decided to do without. I had also debated painting on the eyes and facial details, but overall thought the set was beautiful and those details weren’t needed.

before after mrs potts



Project Cost: $7

Next up, I needed the candle guy, Lumiere. I again looked at Goodwill, but had no luck so I went to Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. On Facebook Marketplace I found the perfect candelabra, in my town, for only $5. It was silver, so I spray painted it gold.


I found mini led candles on clearance at Hobby Lobby, and used a larger led candle on top that I already owned in my home.

Again, I considered the facial details, but overall decided they were not needed

The Rose


Project Cost: $4

I did look at Pinterest for some ideas when I started thinking about the rose, but hated that most didn’t have the rounded dome, which was a must for me. I tried a few different Goodwill’s, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace to no avail. Finally, at my local Goodwill I found this pretty carousel horse anniversary clock. It was smaller than I had wanted, but after inspection, but I figured I would have to make it work.


I got home and immediately went to work removing the 2 screws on the bottom, then I noticed a maker’s stamp that said it was Made in Germany. I did some quick research and found out these pretty little clocks go for anywhere from $30-$100 on eBay! Score! So I carefully removed the 2 screws on the bottom, and to my delight, that is all I had to disassemble, so I could easily put it back together after the party. Then, I simply bought a $1 bouquet of fake roses from the dollar store, cut 1 stem and put it in dome.


I designed a Belle and Beast cookie cutter and decorated those as well. Those cutters are available for sale in my Etsy shop if you are interested.


Belle Beast Cutters

The final cake table

beauty table

The moral of the story? With a good imagination and access to a Goodwill, you can make anything happen!


Enjoy Life Eat Cake


This is basically my motto for life and I decided it would make a fun wall art piece. I got a little crafty for this project using a lot of items I already had around the house and am very happy with how it turned out! Obvi, you are now contemplating how you can make the same sign, and lucky you, I am going to outline the whole process! None of it is hard, but it is a time consuming process. Grab a drink, get comfy, and settle in for this long post.


  • Canvas (Mine is a 22″ x 28″)
    • Paint & Paint Roller
    • Glitter spray (optional)
  • LED strip lights- I used these
    • I love these lights because it comes with a remote and you can choose tons of different colors and modes.
  • LED strip light connectors- I used these
  • 3D printed letters. I printed these myself, if you would be interested in purchasing some, send me a message! I used this filament.
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Xacto Knife like this

For the base of the sign I used an old scratched canvas that I was just going to throw out. If you don’t have any at home already, you can purchase a new canvas from Walmart or any craft store, or even shop your closest Goodwill.


I painted the canvas with a leftover paint sample in light gray that I had laying around. Pro Tip- use a roller to paint, a brush is time consuming and leaves streaks.


After my canvas was dried, I used some of this spray glitter I also had laying around, because can you never have too much glitter. If the glitter herps scare you, you can omit. Search deep in your cabinets, you may be surprised to find you already have items you can use without having to buy anything!


I used Solutech 3D clear PETG filament to print the letters. For those of you who will be doing your own printing, these are the settings I used in Cura.

  • Turn the fan off
  • Print Speed of 30. Yes, this means your letters will take forever to print, BUT you won’t have to reprint anything because it comes out perfect 🙂


After your letters have printed, you will want to sand the letters. You might be thinking, but sanding sucks, do I really have to? The answer is yes, it makes a big difference. The letter below on the left was sanded, the right was not. The sanding helped the light reflect more evenly.


Next, plan where you would like them on the canvas, and outline with a pencil.



Let’s talk briefly about the led strips before we start using them. The back side of the strip has an adhesive tape, and sticks well after you remove the backing- so don’t remove the backing until you know for sure where you want to put them! These lights can only be cut on the copper sections indicated by the solid black line running through the copper section. When cutting, try to be as precise as possible. The led strips bend front/back really well, but don’t handle 90 degree angles from side to side well.



Now that you have a basic understanding of the led strips, you will start to fit the first letter of your sign. PRO TIP- If you have all straight letters/lines, you may be able to attach the leds directly to the canvas and save a lot of time!

Start assembling with a bottom letter, I started with the ‘E.’ I chose to start from the bottom so that the adapter could sit on the bottom of the canvas, and allow the cord to be as long as possible. Attach a connector by matching the color wires to the matching led code.

  • +12V = Black wire
  • G = Green wire
  • R = Red Wire
  • B = Blue Wire


Arrange the lights how you want, and cut along the closest copper section, always opting for a little more versus a little less. After your section is cut, you will need to remove the top rubber covering. I did this by inserting my fingernail inbetween the strip and the rubber and slowly kept pulling back. You want to cut the rubber covering off after the letters are showing on the strip.



Next, you will insert your freshly cut led into the connector. The copper pieces need to be under the metal clamps, being sure the codes align with the correctly matched wire.


Remove the adhesive backing and press into place.



When your letter has lights attached, and connectors ready to go, it is time to make the first surgical canvas incision. Based on where the connectors fall on your letter are where you want to make the cuts in the canvas. I started with the bottom on my letter ‘E’. I made a “+” shape and then pushed the connector through. I repeated for the final connector on the letter.


Now, plug in the leds to the wall and make sure everything is lit as you intended. If so, fire up your hot glue gun and trace the outer edge of the 3D letter and secure the letter in place based on your pencil outline. Not so bad, right?!

Go to your next closest letter on the same line, in this case it would be “K”. You will repeat the process of planning how much led strip you will need, but this time you will want to leave extra that will connect to the connector from the fist letter. Each letter now will only have 1 connector piece.

You will repeat the same process of slicing your canvas and pushing through the led strip end and the connector end. When that is complete, turn your canvas over, and connect the led and led connector of the previous piece. Plug into the wall again to be sure your connections are good and everything is lit up as you intended. If so, again trace the letter outline with hot glue and attach to the canvas on your pencil line.


You will continually repeat this process for the remainder of the letters.

Finally you can hang as a normal picture and admire how fucking awesome you are to have just created your beautiful masterpiece. You’re welcome.




It is that time of year again, when you are forced to remember how many years ago you graduated from high school, as all of the graduation invites are peppering your mailbox.

In my life it goes like this- “What?! How is that baby graduating from high school already?!” Then I remember I’m old.

Anyways, I had a graduation cake this weekend that I wanted a graduation hat decoration, however I struck out at Walmart, and I didn’t have a mold to use for candy melts. So after a little creativity, I ended up with this perfect chocolate graduation hat.

Supplies Needed:

  • Black Wilton Candy Melts
  • Square cookie cutter
  • Round plastic cup
  • Parchment Paper

This is really easy, guys. Put a small handful of candy melts in a microwave safe container, and microwave for 1 minute. Take the container out cautiously, then stir for a few minutes as the candy melts chunks will continue to dissolve. If you think you need additional melting, pop it back in the microwave in 30 second intervals.


Place your square cookie cutter on the parchment paper, then pour in the melted candy melts to the desired thickness for the graduation hat top. I believe mine was about 1/4″ thick. Let this stand for around 15 minutes, or until hard. You can speed up the process by placing it in the fridge, but make sure you put the parchment paper and cookie cutter on a cookie sheet or flat place for easy transportation.


Next, pick out the plastic cup that you would like to use for the hat base and follow the same steps above for melting. Again, allow that to sit until hard.

Once both pieces are set, you may assemble your hat. Gently, hold the edges of the chocolate square with one hand, while slowly pulling up the cookie cutter with the other hand. Similarily, gently squeeze the plastic cup to free the chocolate cylinder. Melt a few more candy melts and apply to the top of the chocolate cylinder, the immediately place the chocolate square on top. The melted chocolate will adhere the two pieces to make them stronger. For the final touch, add one drop to the top of the hat for the button. Optional, use frosting to make tassels.

That’s it! You now have a yummy, easy cake decoration for any graduation!

Daycare Appreciation Day

In case you didn’t know, Daycare Appreciation Day was today. If you’ve met my daughter, you know exactly the reason why I’m so appreciative to my daycare (You rock Sara!). I decided to make her favorite cinnamon rolls and get her flowers. I have been wanting to use my 3D printer to print something taller, so I decided to make her a vase for the flowers.


The pictures look great, but it is so much prettier in person! I used a pink silk filament that allows the light to reflect beautifully with all the different angles of the vase. Want a vase of your own? Shoot me a message for pricing.


Chocolate Jewels

I was asked to make a cake for this weekend with the theme of Troll Hunt\ners. Admittedly, I have never seen this show, however the client sent me a picture of what they were wanting. The major design piece for the cake are jewels.

These are so simple to make, it might blow your mind.
Supplies Needed:

  • Silicone Mold (I got mine here)
  • Chocolate or Candy Melts
  • Offset spatula
  • Luster Dust

The first thing you will need to do is melt your chocolate or candy melts. I recommend using a 1/2 cup of chocolate/candy melts and microwaving in a glass bowl for 30 seconds. Stir, then microwave another 30 seconds. Thouroughly stir this mixtures and soon the lumps will disappear and you should have a smooth consistency. If it is a little thick, you can add 1 tsp of vegetable oil to help thin it out.

Use a spoon to fill each cavity, then lift the mold and tap on the counter to help remove any air bubbles and to make sure the chocolate is coating the surface. Use an offset spatula to remove any excess chocolate to leave a smooth, flat surface.

Once your mold is full, and you have scraped all excess chocolate, then put the mold in the freezer for at least 5 minutes. When you take the mold out, touch the back of the chocolate just to make sure it is hard and set. You will be able to pull, twist, and pop the chocolates out of the mold easily.

Now to decorate, take a dry paintbrush (that has never been in contact with paint or other non edible items) and your choice of luster dust and brush it over the chocolate. The more dust you use, the deeper the color. You can mix colors as well if you want more of a custom color.

I also tried using a disco dust, but it didn’t fully cover as well as the luster dust.

That’s it! Now you have the perfect edible jewel decorations.

3D Printing


Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I wish I could just make X”?

Yeah, me too. I asked and received a 3D printer from my awesome MIL this last Christmas, and have become slightly obsessed. So obsessed, that I just ordered my 2nd printer and it should arrive this week!

I started making cookie cutters, which I now sell in my Etsy store. I have also expanded into cupcake and cake toppers. I’m still learning CAD software design in my (not so) spare time, and hope to be able to create some more awesome things soon! I will be expanding my Etsy store to offer some of these additional 3D prints soon!

If you are interested in any custom 3D print, just shoot me a message!

Here are few things I’ve created:

Just Married

One cupcake topper




It is April 15th in Iowa, things should be starting to grow, it should be getting warmer outside, and I should be thinking happy thoughts. But I’m not. Why? Because everything is still dead, and we are still getting snow. I’m not sure who pissed off mother nature, but I sure wish you’d apologize.

I do have some hope spring is near though, because my oldest, Jace, had his first baseball game this last week. Watching him play baseball is one of my favorite things, so I decided to whip up some cookies for his team’s next game tomorrow, that is if they don’t postpone due to snow on the field (insert angry face here).

These cookies are actually pretty simple to make. They are simple round cut outs, decorated in a few different steps.

  1. I outline and flood the outside half rounds of all cookies first, then I go back and fill the middle. The purpose of this is to give the indention where the laces will go so that you have a guide, and it will give the cookie a more 3D look.
  2. I airbrushed the outer edge and lace line using 1 drop of brown and 3 drops of white AmeriMist food coloring.
  3. I played around with a few different options when it came time to do the laces. First, I used a size 1 tip and piped the lace line, then stitching on top.

Baseball Cookie

Next, I used a red food marker to outline the laces, then piped the stitching on top.

Baseball Cookie 1

I really don’t know which I prefer, but I’m sure the boys will love either version.

Baseball Cookie 2.jpg